Home of well trained  and Registered  Siamese Kittens for Adoption.As Siamese kittens Breeders, we  breed and Groom well socialised ,calm and pet friendly pure bred Siamese cats for sale.

Welcome To The CFA/TICA Registered Siamese Kittens Cattery

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We pride ourselves as havig the best and home trained siamese kittens for adoption or siamese kittens for sale with safe shipping available for all USA,Australia,Canada and Worldwide.Looking for a siamese cat breeder or siamese cat breeders to adopt a siamese kitten online,then swipe in and fill the contact form on site so as to get more info via email.

-We offer our pure bred Siamese Cats with these guarantees:
-We are the legal owner of the cat.
-The cat has had its first vaccination.
-The cat is in good health when it leaves our care.
-Cats will be 10 weeks old before they can leave our cattery.
We will deliver cats anywhere within USA,Canada,Australia

So adopt a siamese cat near me or hypoallergenic kittens for sale since siamese kittens are Hypoallergenic,


Our goal in raising the Traditional Siamese is to keep this noble and highly intelligent breed alive and to share them with other Traditional Siamese lovers. It is extremely important to us that you and your cat are a ‘love match’ and, since we are fully acquainted with our kittens individual personalities before they leave us, we can often match you with exactly the right kitten for your particular situation.